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4cm-10cm ( 28pieces )



We acknowledged a lots of people wanted to get tattoo, but lack of tattoo experience.

Did not know where should get it. So our artists (Tina, Cara and Polam) has decided to design some realistic and temporary tattoo stickers. We have reach out different factory to accomplish a better quality for the stickers. Try to find the most long-lasting one in the market.


This series has 30 pieces in total, we are publishing some of the most popular tattoo designs, and print it into tattoo stickers.

In general, It will last on our body for 1-2weeks.

If you want to know how to use it Click here.

Hello Tattoo Company

HelloTattoo-PS 49.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 20.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 39.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 14.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 26.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 34.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 30.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 42.jpg
HelloTattoo- PS 27.jpg
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